Emory Solutions invests in you.  We listen and take the time to understand our clients’ business and unique challenges.  Then we follow a very disciplined process to ensure we achieve success in delivering solutions that meet your needs.  This approach delivers value for our clients, establishes trust, and ensures a true partnership is formed.


The first step is understanding your environment. This allows our team to design, develop, and deploy solutions that meet your unique needs.

Technical Assessment

By inspecting the systems and platforms you use today, we can better understand the art of the possible for tomorrow.  This assessment looks at internal processes, technology infrastructure, data structures, and code.

Feature/Functionality Inventory

We document a high level inventory of features and functionalities across your systems and then tie those features to business processes and user segments.

Enhanced Customer Services

We will map out how your data flows through various systems to complete holistic processes, and identify gaps in system functionality or in your data.



We use our expertise in user personas, motivators, and experience to create designs that delight the user no matter if that’s internal stakeholders or your valued customers.


With a thorough understanding of your goals, existing systems and data, we work closely with you to create a Roadmap, clearly establishing priorities for your project.


Throughout the process, we balance project impact to the business and the degree of technical difficulty to ensure we not only achieve your goals but maximize project ROI.


Experienced Team

We will assign a team to your project with skills and experience required to meet your needs and exceed expectations.


We create a project plan that follows a phased approach to set expectations with stakeholders and provide routine project updates.  We keep you aware of all progress and rapidly address any questions and challenges that naturally arise on technical projects.


We deliver software in an agile manner allowing you to see and use new features faster.  We ensure feedback is received through routine meetings where we demo new functionality and gather feedback.  This process helps you rollout process change in your organization and realize the impacts faster.

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