But What’s There to Discover?

In the dynamic world of software and product development; there is a general observation that the end product doesn’t look anything like the original concept many of the times. Knowing that things change along the way, the natural question to ask is “How do we reduce the distance between the two; original idea and final outcome?”.

The answer is Discovery. The Discovery Process is not merely about understanding the technical requirements but delving deeper into the intricate weave of business rules and company culture. It’s a path that requires patience, keen observation, and a flexible mindset to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds expectations. What this looks like in reality is a white board, lots of questions, and brainstorming.

Understanding the Essence of Discovery

The discovery phase is the foundation upon which successful software projects are built. It’s a time for asking questions, listening, and gathering as much information as possible. This phase isn’t just about what the software will do, but about understanding why it needs to do it. The project’s success hinges on how well the team can comprehend and align with the client’s business objectives. 

At Emory Solutions, this is our secret sauce, our ability to run alongside your team while they work and capture the essence of the functions they are performing, to find the best solution for you. Sometimes this ends with our recommendation to use a certain piece of software. Sometimes it ends with a proposal to build a solution, and sometimes it ends with a recommendation to wait, because we know that at the pace of change, the true solution you need is only a few months away. We take pride in learning your business and the way you do it so that we identify and understand your business rules, and your culture, to craft the perfect fit. 

Our initial discovery session is a defining part of the Emory Way.

Navigating Business Rules

Business rules are like project guardrails. They define the do’s and don’ts, what’s possible and what’s not. It’s crucial to grasp these rules early on as they define the most important part, your business. This understanding helps in shaping the software to fit within the operational boundaries of the business while pushing for innovation and improvement. It’s about finding that “sweet spot” where the software can bring the most value.

Immersing in Company Culture

Every company has its own unique culture, and this significantly influences how projects are executed. In some cases, the culture dictates our recommendation. Recognizing and adapting to this culture is vital. Whether it’s communication style, decision-making processes, or risk tolerance, each aspect of the company’s culture can impact the project’s progress and outcome. It’s about creating a harmonious balance between the way the company operates and how the project is developed. 

Crafting the Right Fit

The end goal of the discovery process is to ensure that the software developed is the right solution to address the company’s need. This doesn’t just mean meeting the technical specifications. It’s about creating a solution and partnership that aligns seamlessly with the client’s business processes, supports their goals, and is ingrained in their culture. It’s a solution that feels like a natural extension of their business rather than an external imposition. The discovery process is rarely linear. It involves twists and turns, requiring the team to be flexible and adaptable. New information might emerge, requiring changes in approach or even redefining the project scope. The ability to pivot, while keeping the project on track, is a crucial skill during this phase, and ensures a successful outcome.


In conclusion, the discovery phase in software development is much more than an initial step; it’s an art that balances technical understanding with business acumen and cultural sensitivity. It’s this journey of discovery that ultimately leads to the creation of software that not only functions but flourishes within the unique ecosystem of each business. 

We think Discovery is so important that we conduct initial discovery sessions for free. We’re tired of seeing the drift and disappointment between your vision and what’s actually delivered, reading the horror stories on Linkedin, or reviewing proposals for the same work to be redone, time after time. So we start off any partnership by investing with you, to learn and explore the art of the possible together. 

Our initial discovery session is a defining part of the Emory Way. We enjoy building great software and partnerships. If you’re curious what that looks like for you. Schedule a free discovery session. 

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