Data Insights

A smart factory services provider needed data insights and visual reporting for their clients.


Mountains of manufacturing data is stored in complex on-premise transactional databases, making it difficult to build reports that are useful for the end clients. Decision makers needed access to current manufacturing metrics on their desktop and mobile devices on the go. Current IT team had too many priorities and did not have capacity to focus on reporting. Internet connectivity at each manufacturing facility was limited and may have stability issues, making on premise data extraction and remote access difficult. Branding and consistency across their current reports was fragmented and a combination of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and custom reports made it hard to maintain.


Emory Solutions worked with the IT team to devise an architecture leveraging cloud resources that would work over common web ports to overcome data access and firewall issues. The solution includes PowerBI to load data into a cloud database where executive / offsite reports can be viewed regardless of internet connectivity issues. User Experience factors were considered to create the report navigation and breakdown between disparate topics – ultimately telling an executive story of the manufacturing metrics, with the ability to drill down into detailed data if needed. PowerBI was leveraged to build custom reports that gave the look and feel of a modern web application with mobile access. The reports were build with localization to dynamically present in multiple language

Key Outcomes and Metrics

Delivered branded reports and views in PowerBI that are easily maintainable, visually appealing, and real-time to providers clients. The clients now have data insight into the high level operations and the ability to drill down into details.

Technical Details

  • PowerBI¬†
  • Azure


This is great stuff! Our clients are going to love it.

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