POR (Point of Rental)

Equipment Rental & Materials Handling desired to update their Rental department from legacy software (EBS, AS400, HP Non-Stop, etc) to a modern “Best of Breed” Rental management software


Integrations with legacy systems are complex and often times do not include APIs with knowledge siloed in SME.


Developed custom middleware to handle the gaps in legacy software and modern cloud based APIs while maintaining existing business rules while leveraging the latest technology advancements.

Key Outcomes and Metrics

  • “Bullet proof” integration with cloud middleware incorporating resilience & retry
  • Traditional rental company made it through the digital transformation
  • Built dashboard and admin tools to provide visibility into the middleware data for a single place to research data from both systems and review logging when data moves or explore specific rows.

Technical Details

  • AWS cloud hosted Test & Production environment with backups, resilience, automated DevOps CI/CD pipelines
  • Secure deployment leveraging AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), AWS Key Management, and a site-to-site VPN tunnel to connect to Client’s on premise data center
We are definitely a better company now than we were 6 months ago…

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