Why Core Values Matter

The beautiful poster framing a company’s core values doesn’t hold the same reverence as it may have once had. If there’s one area of corporate culture that’s been the butt of most jokes – it’s the list of core values.

Executives gather their team and compile a list that’s virtually the same as that of other companies. “Excellence. Customer service. Team environment.” All are great and important values. The jokes start rolling when the values are simply wall art and nothing more. If leaders say that they truly value them, they need to uphold and defend them in their daily practice – even as difficult as those standards may be.

So, should leaders even spend the time and effort compiling and showing off their values?

Absolutely . Here are just a few reasons why:

Customers care

89% of consumers want to buy from brands that are purpose-driven and show their impact. Values matter to customers, to employees, and to the public.

Source – Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study


Generating your list of core values, printing them, and showing them to the public creates accountability. It reminds you of what you will do – and what you won’t do. You’re then making yourself accountable to your team and others to hold true to what you’ve said that you value. They are your line in the sand.

Guide your products and services

Your values should drive what you produce. If “simplicity” is a value, your products better be simple to use. If “quality” is a value, your stuff better not break after a few uses.

Guide how you serve your customers

If you value “customer service”, you’ll make it easy for your customers to connect with you – phone, chat, email. You’ll give them a human to talk to – more often than a bot. You’ll delight them with your speed and efficiency at handling their problem.

Reveal who you really are

Your list of core values is simply a collection of dead words on a page – until you bring them to life. They are your aspiration. Your actual values reveal themselves in your daily work. Strive to make your list alive through practice.

In case you’re wondering about our values, I’ve included them here. While we’re not perfect, we fight to hold true to these each day:

People first

We believe that business is all about making people successful. Our families, our team, our clients, our vendors, and our community are at the center of all that we do.

Win as a team

Because people are first, unity and teamwork are critical. We’ll always support and encourage each other. We’re in the trenches together – and will win together.

Stay balanced

While we work hard, we also play hard. We fully promote balance in every area of life. With healthy, balanced priorities, we’re able to best serve our team and our clients.

Be authentic

We are committed to developing strong lasting relationships through commitment, communication, and honesty. To help you reach your goals – we are all in!

Throw away the box

Sometimes thinking outside of the box isn’t enough. We approach solving problems with a fresh perspective. We stretch creativity to its limits to help you succeed.

Do the right thing for the right reason

We’re not interested in shortcuts. Or quick fixes. Or burying the truth. We’re committed to doing right by you. When you succeed, we all win.

As you lead your team, choose your core values well, and make them your guide. Your team and your customers will reward you for it.

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